Use the tools to compare marketing techniques aimed at children and nutritional quality of popular sugary drinks.

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Understand the methods and key measures employed by the Rudd Center to compile our research.

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Just give me the FACTS!

Here are the FACTS about sugary drink
nutrition and marketing to children.

Sugary drink companies speak to children early, often, and when parents are not looking. Sugary drinks are the most unhealthy food product marketed to children and are relentlessly and aggressively targeted toward them. Food marketing to children negatively influences the dietary choices and the health of society's most vulnerable citizens. Given the childhood obesity epidemic at hand, we need meaningful solutions and real change. We're here to give you the FACTS.

FACTS - the Food Advertising to Children and Teens Score - was developed by health researchers at Yale University. Explore the Sugary Drink FACTS website to learn more about sugary drink companies, products, nutrition, marketing techniques, and the science behind the FACTS.

Sugary Drink FACTS Report
     Executive Summary
Sugary Drink FACTS Report Summary
Sugary Drink FACTS Report Summary Spanish

Sugary Drink FACTS was developed by the Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity at Yale. Learn more about the Rudd Center's research on food marketing to youth.

Press Release

Despite industry promises, Yale study finds unprecedented marketing of sugary drinks to youth
Young people are being exposed to a massive amount of marketing for sugary drinks, such as full-calorie soda, sports drinks, energy drinks, and fruit drinks. The study is the most comprehensive and science-based assessment of sugary drink nutrition and marketing ever conducted. The data show that companies marketing sugary drinks target young people, especially black and Hispanic youth.

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