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Nutrition Tools

How nutritious are sugary drinks? What sugary drink is the best and worst choice for your child or teen? Use the nutrition tools below to answer these questions and more, based on data collected in March 2011.

Parents Sugary Drink Nutrition Search

Interested in the nutrient content of your child's favorite sugary drink? Use this tool to show what percentages of your child's nutrient needs (or daily needs) are being met through sugary drinks.

Basic Sugary Drink Nutrition Search

Want to find out about the nutritional quality of sugary drinks? Use this tool to search for your favorite drink.

Nutrition FACTS

Want to know more? Learn about the nutrition facts label, decoding ingredients lists, common myths, and view complete nutrition information for each sugary drink category and by company.

Marketing FACTS

What marketing techniques and practices do sugary drink companies use to target children? Use the marketing tools below to review the findings.

Sugary Drink Targeted Marketing

Do sugary drink companies target specific groups? Explore how children, teens, and minorities are being hit the hardest with advertising.

Sugary Drink Marketing 360° Briefs

Find out how sugary drink marketing is targeting children and teens from multiple angles: TV, radio, company websites, internet banner ads, social media websites, and cell phones.

Marketing Rankings

How do sugary drinks rank on specific types of marketing? Find out about the rankings of companies and brands for each marketing strategy.

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